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Business Profile

Aashmani's Business

Company started its journey long ago as an offline unit. This initiative is Bengal based & Bengal trusted. We have a wide range of products with a vast coverage of services from transport to education, from health & wellness to IT training, from business services to property related services. With the course of time we managed to enlarge our services and to associate with online business since 2018 successfully. We are dedicated to our cause, we deliver trusted services. We always provide proper care to our customers, service providers as well as our employees. We respect family values & ethics. We are very strict at our company norms and don’t indulge in any misconducts.

Business details

Our business runs on 3-tier structural model with firm business regulatory disciplines…


Aashmani Head office

Tier-1 :

Top level of our business administration is governed by head office staffs. This apex body delivers all executive decisions after consultation with business experts and top level officials.

District Manager

Tier-2 :

At the middle level, we have District Manager ( DMs ) appointed in each district. They are the important pillar of business structure. They maintain co-ordination between Local area executive (LAEs) and Head office. They have a wide range jobs to perform…

1. To connect with each & every LAEs all the time to listen to their problems & to find out solutions.

2. To regulate LAEs by providing guidance & knowledge.

3. In extraordinary cases they need to go to the field to assist LAEs to convince some potential service providers.

4. Periodic evaluation of LAEs, providing some motivating classes & submit their performance report to head office…etc.

Local Area Executive

Tier 3 :

LAEs- They are the refined base of our business superstructure. In every districts according to needs we appoint some LAEs to spread our business model across the district, they have certain duties to perform–

1. To search for possible service providers in their localities.

2. To convince them to be a part of Aashmani.in

3. To maintain good co-ordination with DMs.

4. To strongly abide by company rules.

5. To get help from DM to convince any potential service provider.

6. To attain motivating classes.

7. They have option to opt for full time or part time working hours….etc.

* Our Tier-2 & Tier-3 employees will get commission based Salary depending on their work performance. No fixed salary is determined. Further details related to mode of work, wage & working conditions will be disclosed in due course of time according to need.

Company aspiration!

Our Company is aspired to attain apex position in domestic & global market in near future with our strong dedication & loyalty towards our employees, customers & service providers.


Aashmani Company

We Work at All Scales and in All Sectors